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    Advantages and characteristics of high strength wear resistant plastic

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    Advantages and characteristics of high strength wear resistant plastic

    Date of release:2019-06-11 Author: Click:

    High strength wear-resistant plastic has excellent wear resistance, super adhesion and high temperature (not less than 1600 ℃), with the advantages of simple construction process, short construction period and no need to dry out after construction. Its service life is obviously higher than that of other common wear-resistant refractories, and it is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, iron and steel, ceramics, petrochemical and other industries.

    (1) It has good wear resistance at room temperature.

    (2) After heating, the thermal shock resistance is excellent.

    (3) High plasticity, convenient construction, improve work efficiency.

    (4) After heating, the compressive strength at room temperature is high.

    (5) After heating, the bulk density is compact and the porosity is low.

    (6) It is suitable for all kinds of complicated and difficult construction parts, and can be rammed into any shape.

    High strength and wear-resistant plastic is a kind of unshaped refractory material, which is in the form of hard paste and will maintain high plasticity for a long time. If you need high-strength wear-resistant plastic, you can call Shandong Yaohua Tenai Technology Co., Ltd.


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